One of the original members of the group, Shane has been creating artwork all things Newcastle United for 3 years.


A very committed member of the group, Minty has a love for pottery and everything art. She says she loves getting lost in her own little world and creating endless mythical characters.


Shakeel is another founding member of the group who loves costumes and 3D artwork. His absolute favourite session was with artist Rebecca Lee, where we made outfits and played with photography. 



A very talented drawer, George started I N K this year and has already produced a mass amount of work, particularly enjoying the map making project.


Anthony has the best knowledge of buses in Oxford! He has drawn the S10 or the Stagecoach 5 in every medium possible, pen, paint, screenprinting and even clay.


An experienced artist, Danny creates political and imaginative pieces of artwork. He is pictured with a recent piece of work where he drew a proportionate population map of the world and turned it into a hot air balloon, which could represent how the world is reaching its capacity ready to pop.





Julia runs the printmaking company Common Books in Oxford, which provides affordable printing and printmaking workshops for activists, artists, charities and members of the local Oxford Community. They collaborated with INK on the ‘Ways of Seeing | Exploring Disability’ project, that was exhibited at the Old Fire Station in Oxford. Julia tackled the idea of ‘perception’ both within art and society with this project, inspired John Berger’s book ‘Ways of Seeing’. The group tackled political themes in this project and were shown simple but effective ways to enhance drawing with printmaking and collage.


Rebecca Lee is an illustrator and exhibition designer who worked with us on various projects at INK. Our most recent collaboration was for an exhibition at the Story Museum called ‘Small Worlds’, where the group were encouraged to draw and design characters from out of space that will be included in a children’s book. Previously, Rebecca has introduced lots of different mediums to the group, from performance art to costume design with the project ‘Picture a World’. Rebecca’s practice is predominantly led by the social model for disability, empowering those who are marginalised in society by designing inclusive spaces and experiences.


Emma is a potter who has worked with us a number of times. In her own practice, she makes semi-useful, semi-figurative, semi-decorative objects to be lived with, focusing on the theme of the heart. In the sessions she taught not only the basics of pottery, but also some more difficult techniques such as adding textures and patterns.


Ken is an artist who has over 40 years experience in Art and Objet D'Art Conservation and restoration. He can put his hand to anything, with the set of sessions he ran focusing on screen printing on to T-shirts. We got some great results and Ken brought a buzzing atmosphere to the group.


Laura showed us the simple but effective way to do photography without a dark room or camera. She ran two sessions on Cyanotypes and Chemigrams, which produced stunning results. As an Artist, Laura focusses on traditional but alternative photography techniques, running workshops and producing her own artwork.


Roger ran two sessions with us at the very beginning of our classes. He is a local Oxford artist who has over 20 years experience in teaching and specialises in drawing and coloured pencils.

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