We can't wait for our third year of INK and would love if you'd like to join us for this program. Please get in touch if you are interested.



All workshops will take place weekly on Fridays, 10am-1pm, at St Clement’s Centre, St Clement's Family Centre, Cross Street, Oxford, OX4 1DA unless stated otherwise below.

Friday, January 17th | 10 - 1pm | Doodle Walls / Map Making / Art to Music

1/12 | We will be getting started on our group projects, experimenting with ideas and materials related to their chosen theme.

Friday, January 24th | 10 - 1pm | Pottery

2/12 | Artist Emma Jay will be guiding us through the world of Clay in a 2 part workshop! This session Emma will be delving into specific design techniques.

Friday, January 31st | 10 - 1pm | Pottery

3/12 | Emma’s workshop continues!

Friday, February 7th| 10 - 1pm | Exhibition Trip

4/12 | Meeting at the Bodleian Library to catch the ‘Talking Maps’ exhibition, to inspire our very own maps project. Bodleian Library, Oxford

Friday, February 14th| 10 - 1pm | Doodle Walls / Map Making / Art to Music

5/12 | This week we will be generating more work for the three projects and considering what we learnt on the trip to how we can display our work.

Friday, February 21st | 10 - 1pm | Set Design

6/12 | Working with Set Designer Lucy Smart for our introductory session ready for next terms project with her for the Cowley Road Carnival.

Friday, February 28th | 10 - 1pm | Doodle Walls / Map Making / Art to Music

7/12 | Continuing on from the weeks before, we will be working on our projects.

Friday, March 6th | 10 - 1pm | Keble College Art Week

8/12 | Keble College have invited us to join them in their Art Week to create a piece collaboratively. We will be doing two activities with them, arty jenga and transforming ink splats into objects and mythical creatures. We will be meeting at Keble College, 15-19 Blackhall Road, Oxford OX1

Friday, March 13th | 10-1 pm | Watercolour

9/12 | Local artist Louise will be running a session for the group. Louise runs art classes for groups across the country and will be teaching us the skills and techniques of watercolour. The theme will be animals to help us with our Doodle Wall at Oxford City Farm.

Friday, March 20th | 10 - 1 pm | Small Worlds Exhibition

10/12 | Artist Rebecca Lee has invited us to visit the Small Worlds exhibition at the Story Museum, where we have contributed work. It will be an opportunity to reflect on the artwork we have made and the way we think it has been curated through sketches and discussion.

Friday, March 27th | 10 - 1 pm | Street Art Tour

11/12 | To inspire our doodle walls and appreciate some local art, we are going to take a tour of all of the best street art in the Cowley area, renowned for its original artwork. We will be meeting at St Clements and moving on from there.

Friday, April 3rd | 10 - 1 pm | Chemigrams

Artist Laura visited us in the early years of INK, she is returning to do a one-off chemigram workshop with us. Chemigrams are an experimental type of photography, where chemicals are used to paint onto light sensitive paper.


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St Clement’s Centre, St Clement's Family Centre, Cross Street, Oxford, OX4 1DA

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